Call me Chuck!

I’m a network security consultant, writer, voice artist, biker, and general miscreant.

I like to see people smile, and I love to entertain.

Well, enough about me.

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Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate seeing you here. Sometimes, late at night, I’ve wondered what you’ve been up to. It haunts me, it really does. Then I wake up the next morning with a sense of resolve, make a pot of coffee (you know how much I love coffee) and ponder my next move. Do I call you? Text you? Would an email be too casual? And then I start thinking, “Why should I make the first move?” I mean, have I been so errant in my behavior that I’m not worthy of your attention at all?

And then you show up here, and all my anxieties prove for naught. I should relax more, maybe start smoking weed or something. Alcohol is NOT my friend, not anymore, not since that one time. They still laugh about it. The old Christmas lights remain in the median of I-4, right next to the generator that so miserably failed me that sad rainy evening. Cold and naked, I sulked back to my home to recover from the trauma, and the process is still ongoing. This Wernicke may never be the same, but I know now that Cuervo is NOT my friend. No sir.

I don’t want to appear too forward, but might I have cause to believe we’ll meet again? Will you be back here? I hope so, even of it’s just to see that I haven’t died yet. But, if perchance I do go suddenly into that dark void, know that this moment, this one right here, made it all worthwhile. YOU did that. YOU made the difference in my life, my poor, horrible, lonely life of destitution, restitution, and prostitution.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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