Everybody enjoys a smile.

Some artists work their craft to make a statement. Some do it for the money or fame. Few do it for the sheer pleasure. I’m one of the latter. I enjoy using my gifts to add some feeling to an otherwise lifeless medium. This is my passion. I want to build my reputation for creating memorable things that matter, that make a difference in the world, that can very possibly change lives for the better. What can be more fulfilling than to broadcast a smile to countless people over infinite time?

My income keeps me in business, but I don’t live to be in business. You are reading this to help decide whether I’ll sell a product. I live to entertain as many people as possible. Help me, use me, to achieve those ends, and our mutual goals will be fulfilled.

I want to make you smile. Listen to my samples, and give me a mere moment to vocalize my passion for your success.



Video Games




(includes training vids, waiting rooms)


(includes voicemail, intros, videos, service announcements)