Darknet, Bitcoin, Fraud

Darknet, Bitcoin, Fraud released November 11, 2016 !!

Darknet, Bitcoin, Fraud

Have you been hacked yet? You’re next!

The chances are you will be attacked, soon. This book shows you how you’ll be targeted, and what you will hopefully do to prevent it.

One in five people have already been hacked, and 25 million more are defrauded every year. You read about it in the news; emails from your bank, “Change your password! Use a VPN! Verify your account details!” These tiny cyber-attacks are typically interstate or international, and never prosecuted. Identities, credit cards, titles, even actual lives are stolen and traded online. Victims rarely find out until it’s far too late, and then they are faced with a long, uphill battle. These people never fully recover from the assault.

Cybercrime is rampant and just getting worse- the nation just doesn’t have the resources to combat it. The federal hiring focus is on cyber-agents: they need more whitehat hackers to investigate and prevent these attacks. Meanwhile, every second another helpless victim is snared in the US alone.

How does this happen? Who can do this? You can. Anybody can! It’s easy, but we’re lured into believing otherwise. This concise manual describes the simplicity of committing digital fraud. Knowledge is power; the last thing the FBI needs is more pressure to fix something they can’t. Our ignorance and complacency is the underlying problem. The author seeks to change that. Take a few minutes and try on the black hat! Find out for yourself what it feels like, and learn how to protect yourself from online villains.

Each chapter is designed to illustrate ease, simplicity, and security. A wide swath of topics introduce the reader to the hacker tools and methods of attack. Bitcoin transactions are described from start to finish, which is an essential component of Darknet purchases and money laundering. Secure communications and online privacy tactics are highlighted to enable further research (if desired). Many of the weaknesses in our online structures exploited by today’s cyber-criminals are revealed within, and various means to defend yourself are spelled out.

Links and references are included throughout to hold the reader’s hand and expand their opportunities (should you feel the desire).

Warning: hard truths within. This may shake you up (at least) a little.

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